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128 oz. Coffee box beverages to-go with beverage take-out container keeps beverage hot cold

FDPACK produces 128 oz. Coffee box beverages to-go with beverage take-out container keeps hot beverages hot, and cold beverage cold  up to 2 hours. Customized size and printing on coffee box and coffee bags are welcome

Product Description:
Since its inception in 1996, FDPACK has become one of China's leading plastic packaging items manufacturers. An ISO 9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, and BRCGS-certified company, FenDa / Fangding (hereinafter referred to as FDPACK) produces a comprehensive range of packaging products and offers industrial services from its facilities all over China, our main products including coffee box, bag in box, aseptic bag, spout pouches, stand up pouches, zipplock bags, etc.

The coffee boxes with foil liners bags are made of cardboard with handles, food contact safe, sizes ranging from 96 oz , 128 oz and 160 oz 1 liter to 5 liter, customized size and printing are welcome.

Coffee boxes with dispenser and tap provided by FDPACK has the following features:

TAKE COFFEE ON THE GO: Make your hot chocolate, cider, herbal tea, or coffee instantly portable with these handy coffee boxes. Each box features a built-in handle and leak-resistant screw cap!

SERVES 16 CUPS OF COFFEE: Each to go coffee container is equipped with an insulated interior bag that contains up to 128 fluid ounces. Serves up to 16 cups of coffee or any beverage of your choosing!

COFFEE BEAN DESIGN: This 128 oz coffee box features a contemporary coffee bean print, as well as a black accent wall and cursive "Coffee" text. Great for coffee shops!

BUILT-IN HANDLE: Equipped with an elevated built-in handle, these to go coffee containers make it easy to take your hot beverages and freshly brewed coffee on the go.

COMMERCIAL OR PERSONAL USE: These coffee boxes are perfect for restaurants, hotels, catering companies, food trucks, bakeries, coffee shops, offices, and coffee enthusiasts!

Reliable Materials for Freshness: The coffee box  on the go coffee container is primarily made of sturdy cardboard, offering durability and safety; The insulated aluminum foil inner bag ensures your  hot beverage for and cold beverage cold for longer  time, delivering a fresh and delicious beverages every time; The double insulation provided by the carton and bag maintains the desired temperature, allowing you to savor your coffee at its tasty.
Leak Proof Lid for Convenience: Each take out coffee container comes with an anti-leak lid, preventing spills and leaks during transportation; The lid also helps to retain the coffee's temperature for an extended period, ensuring a hot and enjoyable cup; Simply add the coffee to the box, close it securely with the lid, and enjoy an easy experience
Sturdy and Convenient Handle: designed with a sturdy handle, this insulated beverage box allows you to lift and transport the coffee securely, without the worry of breakage or leakage; The handle offers ease of carrying, making it effortless to move the dispenser from one location to another; Unlike fragile glass bottles, the handle ensures reliable and safe transportation
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