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BIB connector for milk dairy bag in box soda syrup package

Line-side connectors
Easy-to-use connect/disconnect and screw-on connectors
BIB Syrup Pack Connector; 
Material: Plastic and silicone

Product Description:
Bib Connector for milk dairy Bib Connector, Easy to Fill or Empty, Bib Connector Bag In Box
This screw cap Valve tap BIB Connector is actually developed to guarantee well-kept, quick, economic,
Reliable and also tight connections with screw cap taps to pump or gravity beverages or liquids through the circulation systems utilized in bars, pubs, restaurants or even households.
It is exceptionally simple to set up, undo as well as clean this connector.
All manipulations take just a couple of seconds, which makes its use extremely straightforward as well as intuitive and user-friendly.




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