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Pump-out Dispenser fitment valve gland spout for bag in box package FD012

Dispense products safely and economically with this closed-loop option for pump-out dispensers.
Provides closed-loop dispensing
Ideal for pump-out applications
Ambient, Ultra-Clean, and aseptic-capable
Spout ID: FD012

Product Description:

Key Features

Dispense products safely and economically. This fitment provides a safe and economical closed-loop option for pump-out dispensers using a screw-in connector to a two-position cap. This fitment is ideal for soft drinks and cleaning chemical applications. And this fitment also matches with Scholle IPN's  “S”, “T”, and “L” connectors.

Known Process Applications

Ambient - Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Ultra-Clean - Uses UV, laminar flow, and/or hydrogen peroxide to achieve high sterility levels for short shelf-life products.

Aseptic - Fills commercially sterilised products into pre-sterilized packaging. Products can be held unopened without refrigeration.

Filling Method - Through Spout

Common Package Sizes - 1 liter to 22 liters (.26 gallons to 5.8 gallons)

Typical Markets

Agricultural Chemicals, Alcoholic Beverages, Automotive Fluids, Beauty and Personal Care, Cleaning Chemicals, Coffee and tea, Juice, Smoothies, Soft Drinks, Water

Typical Use


Multi-serve sizes with dispensing fitments and connection systems ranging from 5-20 litres.

Popular Connector

Bag in box Connector



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