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1. Plastic Film Blowing Machines

FenDa Pack Owns 6 Plastic Film Blowing Machines for Blowing Various Plastic Films in different size. The Largest Blowing Machine is 6 Meters High, 2.5 meters Wide, 2.5 Long.

Plastic Film Blowing Workshop

2. Cylinders Warehouses

FenDa Pack has three Customers' Cylinders Warehouses that we are using for storing clients' cylinders for repeated orders, usually we clear the cylinders warehouse every 6 moths, which means if the cylinders doesn't be reused within 6 months, and client hasn't inform us to storing the cylinders, the cylinders will be clear out from the warehouse for leaving more space for other cylinders, as even if we have three cylinder warehouse, still there is no enough space for storing clients cylinders.

Cylinders Warehouse

3. Printing Machines

FenDa Pack  has 6 Printing Machines, Maximum we can printing 9 colors, and the widest plastic films can be 1.34 Meters, and the smallest width should be 420 mm. Usually the printing machines runs 90 meters/min to 250 meters/min. The Largest Printing Machine is 3 meters high, 2 meters wide and 12 meters Long.

Plastic Film  Printing Machine

4. Bag-Making Machines

FenDa Pack  has 12 pieces Bag-Making Machines, Maximum we produce three-side sealed bag with a width of 1.15 Meters by 2.0 Meters Long. 

We can produce various plastic packaging items, such as Zipper bags, Block/Flat Bottom Pouch, Pocket Zipper box Pouch, Spout Pouches, Reusable Pouch with Both Zipper and Spout, etc.

Bag-making Machines

5. Welding Machines

FenDa Pack  has 12 pieces Welding Machines, Welding Machines are very small comparing with other machines. Usually one worker is able to welding 10 000 pieces/day according to 2.5 second/welding. We can welding various spouts, hooks, valve,etc.

FenDa Pack Welding Machines

6. Quality Control

All new FenDa Pack employees must pass the job training and test before they start their jobs. Vocational training includes how to avoid or reduce the rate of defective output during different procedures; how to deal with the detective output, etc. Every FenDa People should double check the output to make sure that none useless output goes to next production procedure to avoiding larger waste. So in FenDa,  everyone is the inspector, and all people should be responsible for their own output.

Even though, FenDa has  QC department with one leader and five QC, and a lab equipped with various testing machines for random inspecting all products in different production procedure,and for final finished products inspecting.

FenDa Lab

7. Packing

All products are well packed before shipping, and custom packing is welcome! Wood Pallet and Plastic Pallet are available.

FenDa Packing

FenDa Pack Delivery Packing


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