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Bag in box for liquid egg packaging 1L 1.5L 3L 5L 10L 15L 20L

 Capacity: 1 liter to 220 liter (300 gallons) available

Film Structure:

    Laminated film:  Outer layer: LLDPE/VMPET/LLDPE,  Inner Layer: PE or PE+PE

    Coextruded film:EVOH or COPA film

Sterilization: Irradiation 10 kgy at least. 

Product Description:

Liquid Egg Packaging

Flexible bag-in-box and pouch packaging provide eco-conscious solutions that keep your liquid egg products safe and fresh from fill through end-use. With aseptic technology, products are shelf-stable and preservative-free—no refrigeration needed.

Bag in box for liquid egg packaging

Bag-in-Box for Liquid Egg:

With a valuable, time-sensitive product, you need packaging that will keep your liquid egg products safe and fresh. Our bag-in-box systems include a wide range of film, fitments, and filling equipment for a total flexible packaging solution engineered to protect your products from fill through final dispensing. We provide:

  • Aseptic technology to eliminate costly cold chain logistics.

  • Versatility to deliver your products anywhere you need.

  • Solutions that minimize your environmental impact and leave less packaging waste behind.

  • Reduced food waste with longer secondary shelf life and maximum product evacuation.

Bag in box for liquid egg packaging Bag in box for liquid egg packaging

Institutional Bag-in-Box for Liquid Egg

Safely dispense liquid and plant-based eggs with our aseptic-capable, closed-loop systems that minimize opportunities for contamination while in-use and extend freshness upon opening. We design our bag-in-box products with fast-paced, foodservice operations in mind with:

  • Quick-connect systems that dispense with ease, consistency, and speed.
  • Easy disconnection with less mess for dispenser cleaning protocols.
  • Improved evacuation to maximize profits and minimize waste.

Sustainable Advantages of Institutional Bag-in-Box

We’re committed to creating products that enable environmental responsibility and assist you on your own journey through the circular economy. Count on us for flexible liquid egg packaging that provides:

  • Optimized product-to-package ratio, leaving less waste volume.
  • Better overall logistics that reduce space and energy required for shipping and storage.



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